Student Assistant Opportunity

(for TU Delft students)

IDB – TU Delft Paramaribo Workshop

The European Post-master in Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment is searching for a student assistant to collaborate in an International Urban Design Workshop in Suriname. The workshop is co-organized with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and will focus on Historic Inner City of Paramaribo. The general objective will be to engage in the city’s current processes of urban planning and produce outcomes that support the local government’s team (Project Implementation Unit) within the framework of Paramaribo’s Urban Rehabilitation Programme. Through carefully planned sessions of community participation, it will be important to document and represent how neighbours understand and envision changes in their city within a broader context that includes social and economic inclusion, heritage conservation and climate change adaptation.

The workshop will take place in Paramaribo between the 4th and 9th of November, 2019. Students will need to prepare for the workshop beforehand, produce Video Documentation of the process on site and edit an Urban Design Report that will serve as an instrument to support Paramaribo’s Urban Rehabilitation Programme.

The contract for the student assistant position is for 180 hours and responsibilities include:

-Documentation and basic bibliography research in preparation for the workshop
-Technical preparation and direction of the workshop’s video documentation
-Assistance in the logistics and materials for the participatory processes in Paramaribo
-Collaboration in post-production and editing of the Workshop Report and Video

To apply for this position, please contact Luiz de Carvalho Filho


The student must be fluent in both Dutch and English, priority will be given to a student with a surinamese background. Ticket will be funded.

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